Electronic Drum Set with Built in Speaker and Battery

By DOMA Lifestyle

HK$499.00 HK$888.00

Main Features: 

7 PADS Silicone Drum Set

- 7 Pads Roll Up Silicone Electronic Drum

- 7 Pads: 1 Snare, 3 Toms, 1 Hat, 1 Crash, 1 Ride

- 2 Pedals: Hi Hat control, Kick

- 4 Drum Kits: Pop, Rock, Latin, Electronic

- Hi-Hat control pedal can change the voice of Hi-hat pad as real drum kit

- The voice of snare pad and hi-hat pad can be swapped for easy play

- 8 Demo songs and 3 type of click

- Earphone Jack:  User can practice without bothering others

- Aux Jack: User can line in audio signals as the accompany for practice

- Built-in Super Bass Speakers

- Built-in Rechargeable Battery

- Power by USB (cable included)

Make your music dream come true anytime, anywhere!




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