UV Sterilization Toothbrush Holder

By DOMA Lifestyle

HK$159.00 HK$299.00

Main Features:

  • UV Lamp Disinfection, Triple Sterilization
  • Intelligent Sterilization Eliminates up to 99.9% of Bacteria 
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery 
  • Used up to 100 times / 2 minutes each time
  • Hall Switch For UV Light
  • Included Wall Mounted Hook
  • Suitable to Put in Any Size of Toothbrush
  • 2 Extra Toothbrushes included
  • Gift Set Package

UV Sterilization Principle:

Ultraviolet rays have the molecular structure that destroys DNA or RNA in bacterial viruses, forming growth cell death and regenerative cell death, achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection.  






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